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Hi welcome to the 101st~ICM
{ICM}THE JUDGE: Pete there's a prob with both the servers TS3 and GR Server... GR has no join button and TS3 is not responding at all?!?!? Sept 25, 2014 14:00:40 GMT -6
{ICM}Pete: hey Brownmackie welcome to ICM man good to have u on board hope u injoy ur self here at ICM k later Sept 14, 2014 23:15:28 GMT -6
Dredhawk: I sent all the Kahn a private message on the site with the PW, as well as a e-mail.. and it was the right PW....But yall never seem to check you e-mail..But im guessing the PW was to hard to input for yall because I had no problem with it at all.. Sept 10, 2014 9:19:52 GMT -6
{ICM}Pete: well why didn't u tell the Judge when he was asking about it smart fuck and the PW u gave didn't work as u probly gave him the wrong one and u wonder y we made a new 1 lol Sept 9, 2014 22:31:37 GMT -6
Dredhawk: The PW not hard to put in do I need to change it to something easy for yall to figure out...Really blha.... Sept 9, 2014 13:59:04 GMT -6
{ICM}Pete: Cause we didn't have full control over the old 1 and now we do simple ,and when we tried 2 put the pw in and nothing happend Sept 8, 2014 21:24:25 GMT -6
Dredhawk: I have no idea why yall made a second Website that almost like the other one...There both hosted by ProBoards so it pretty much the same thing...But what ever.... Sept 6, 2014 15:37:48 GMT -6
{ICM}Pete: Welcome on board ICM Sketa great to have U on board man k later Sept 5, 2014 3:16:21 GMT -6
{ICM}Pete: hi sand ya that sux that ur getting hacked man wat about this shut down the ip servers and run the servers though game ranger then u will b able to close the ports u have open to host mw4 not sure wat ports ts3 runs off but no one seems 2 b playing in ther Aug 19, 2014 17:53:09 GMT -6
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